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About the Park & General Information

What are the opening hours?

Here you can find an overview of our opening hours.

What are the entrance fees?

Here is an overview of our entrance fees.

How do I pay in the park?

You can pay in cash or with EC card or credit card (American Express).

How long can I stay at SENSAPOLIS?

There is no time limit to your stay at SENSAPOLIS. The entrance fees.
always refer to the whole day, depending on the opening time. Just be sure to remember that our attractions close 30 minutes before the park does.

How old do I have to be to enter the park on my own?

We draw the attention of all parents and accompanying persons of groups to the fact that their supervision must be carried out with due care in view of the fact that we are unable to exonerate them from their responsibility. Children under the age of 12 may only use Sensapolis if they are accompanied by an adult. We may, however, permit any child of more than 10 years to use our site if its legal guardians have consented to such use and signed the declaration on catering costs and how to behave on our site. This declaration is available at our pay desks.

Who cares for the children?

Parents or accompanying persons of children and groups supervise them themselves and thus bear sole responsibility. On-site there are contact persons are available for coordination and organizational tasks. Various attractions are permanently staffed.

How do I find the park?

Here you will find the directions.

Where can I find parking facilities?

You can find parking facilities directly in front of the building, these are, of course, free of charge for you.

Is there a dress code in the park?

There is no dress code in the park! However, to use the climbing, you will need solid footwear.

Are lockers provided at the park?

We have a limited number of lockers, that you can use with 1 and 2 Euro coins (deposit).

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

At SENSAPOLIS, it is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks. This is also part of our park rules. For all hungry and thirsty adventurers, we offer a wide and varied selection of food, snacks, and drinks in our spacious gastronomy area.

Is there food for allergy sufferers?

Upon request, it is possible to get gluten- and lactose-free food. You will also find a list of allergens in our menu. Do you need more detailed information? No problem, we can send you our menu in advance by email.

Can I bring animals to the park?

In general, animals are not allowed to enter the park, unless they are service dogs. This requires, however, a registration and an ID.

What should I keep in mind during my visit at SENSAPOLIS?

It is important to us that you can safely play during your visit. That is why our attractions are regularly maintained by TÜV and DEKRA. If you then follow all our instructions, nothing can go wrong.

  • Long clothes must be worn on the slides. We recommend cotton clothes like jeans and sweatshirts.
  • Shoes have to be taken off when using the slides (not barefoot, socks are compulsory!).
  • In the climbing area, you will need closed, solid footwear. Sandals or flip flops are not allowed!
  • Please note the tips and instructions given by the employees on site.
  • You will be using all the attractions at your own risk.
  • This day ticket is used for booking the consumption during your visit at Sensapolis. The ticket must be returned and paid at the end of the visit. In case of loss of the ticket please immediately report our employees at the reception, the regulations contained in item 3 of our park rules.
For which attraction am I tall or old enough?

Here you can see how old or tall you have to be to use our attractions: Overview ages and sizes

Who is Tobi?

The dragon „Tobi“, our mascot, came to SENSAPOLIS in 2012. Ever since he has ensured lasting impressions with his regular round-trips in the park. You can buy the matching souvenir at our shop. The dancing plush toy Tobi is waiting for you.

About Birthdays

How can I book a birthday party?

Please call us to book your birthday party. We are there for you from 9.00-17.00: +49 7031 204853-0. The automatic booking via internet, is still in work.

How long in advance should I book the birthday party?

As many children want to celebrate with us on the weekends, we recommend booking your party at least 4 weeks in advance. Please note: Online bookings can be made up to 6 months in advance and up to 7 days prior to the event. Bookings in a different time period will be handled by telephone. You can reach us at +49 7031 20 48 53-0. Spontaneous registrations are accepted as far as it is possible for us at the time. In general, online bookings are possible up to four days before your desired date, provided free capacity. Bookings with shorter notice are only possible by telephone.

How does a birthday celebration take place?

After your binding booking, you will check in at the reception on the day of the celebration. Our service team will accompany you and your guests to your decorated birthday table. There you will discuss your wishes for drinks and foods. The drinks are then served by our personnel to your table, together with the small gifts for your guests. Then you can explore the park. At the agreed meal time, you will be asked to return to the table with an announcement.

From which dishes and drinks can I select in the context of the packages offered?

The following are available:

  • Pasta with tomato sauce
  • Pizza Margherita
  • Hamburger with chips
  • Wieners with chips
  • Chicken nuggets with fries or just fries.
  • We have a selection of refreshing Peterstaler soft drinks for you

On the day of your celebration, each guest may choose a dish and a drink of their choice.

Can I bring my own cake?

For birthday parties, bringing your own birthday cake is allowed for a service fee of €9.50 per cake form. This refers to a dish and cutlery flat rate, with service, and if necessary cooling and storing your cake. (for hygienic reasons, no cooling possible on site)

Is it possible to bring Piñatas?

It is not allowed to bring Piñatas.

How many people can I book a birthday party for? And what do I do if the number of people changes?

The minimum number of persons for celebrations in the catering area is five paying persons. The minimum number of persons is billed if the number of persons is lower. Please inform us, as far as possible, about a changed number of people at the latest 1-2 days before the event.

How are the party rooms decorated?

Each of the seven party rooms is decorated according to a different theme. You have the choice between a princess, pirate, knight or „party“ decoration. In addition, the Cockaigne, the Magic Kitchen and the Witch Kitchen are decorated in a theme. In the catering area, we cover your table in a neutral birthday decoration without special motto but by gender distinction.

How is payment processed?

The reservation is valid after receipt of the deposit of 50,00 € within 5 days. The balance will be paid on the spot. You can pay either in cash or with EC card.

Are accompanying persons free?

No, accompanying adults pay the package price of a paying child.

What happens when I’m late?

No problem, your table is reserved for you! Just let us know if you should be late.

Can I cancel or postpone my booking and what are the costs?

Yes, you can cancel your booking. However, your deposit will be retained for processing charges. If you just want to move the appointment, this is no problem at all. There are no additional costs. Together we will look for an alternative date.

When can I go to the Sensadrom as a SENSAPOLIS visitor?

Our eGo-Kart Track Sensadrom is open for SENSAPOLIS guests from Monday through Friday from 15.00 to 16.30 and Saturday & Sunday from 12.00 to 16.30*. During this period, only visitors to SENSAPOLIS pay special prices.Please note: Registration for a ride at the Sensadrom is only possible until 16.00.

*also on bank holidays & school holidays (BaWü).

What does a ride at the Sensadrom cost?

After you have paid the entrance fee for SENSAPOLIS, you can visit the eGo-Kart Track for free, of course. If you want to take a spin on the course, you can get your ticket for €5.00 at the check-in counter at the Sensadrom. A storm bonnet can be purchased for €1.50.

How long can I drive?

One ride takes about 8 minutes. If you want to go again, you can buy more tickets.

Am I old and tall enough to drive?

You can drive from 8 years of age and you have to be at least 1.45 metres tall.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes! On the race track, you have to wear a helmet. You can borrow a helmet from us or bring your own integral helmet. For hygienic reasons, you have to wear a bonnet under the helmets, which you can buy for €1.50.

How safe is go-karting?

The eGo-Karts and the race track are subject to strict regulations and are regularly checked and maintained. Before each ride, you will receive a comprehensive instruction about the operation of the karts and the safety regulations for the track. A helmet, tight clothing and solid footwear are compulsory. Our race management also monitors all the kart drivers constantly and may take action if necessary. In general, anyone who adheres to the regulations is safe.

Is there something that drivers under the age of 18 have to know?

If you are under the age of 16, your legal guardian must sign a declaration of consent (declaration of consent for individuals or declaration of consent for groups) and present his/her ID. If your legal guardian is coming to Sensadrom with you, he/she can sign on the spot and does not have to worry about anything prior to your ride. If you wish to come without your legal guardian, you can print out the liability statement, have them sign it and bring along a copy of your legal guardian’s ID on the day of your visit.

Is there anything to consider as a group?

If you would like to use the eGo-Kart Track as a group, we need the signature of a full-aged accompanying person, with an exact address, who is allowed to act on behalf of the legal guardians. For this, please use the declaration of consent for groups which you can either bring along already signed or can sign on the spot. If no full-aged accompanying person wants to be liable for the whole group, the liability declaration for individuals must be signed in advance by the parents of each minor group member (under 16 years of age) and a copy of their ID card must be provided.

Karting in the evening
For all those who want to go full throttle outside the SENSAPOLIS, visit and get all the important information.

About the Events

Can the attractions be used during the parties?

No, our attractions are not accessible during parties for security reasons, but a lot of fun in a unique setting is guaranteed!

Where and when can I buy the tickets?

You can buy the tickets up to 7 days before the party in our online shop. Until one day before the event, you can also buy the tickets at our front desk. Please note our regular opening hours.

Is there a box office?

This depends on the advance ticket sales. Surely you will be able to still attend the parties via the box office. Some important advice: To attend out Halloween and Family New Year’s Eve party, you should secure tickets in due time.

Is there an age requirement?

Our regular events, which you find here on the website are without exception from an age of 18 years. At the entrance, we do check ages. Therefore please always carry ID!

Is there a wardrobe?

Yes, of course. We charge €1.00 to keep your jacket safe.

Is there anything that’s better left at home?

We recommend bringing only the most necessary items to keep your wallet light and any damages small. It is not permitted to carry weapons or dangerous objects (pistols, knives, chains, snags, deodorants, etc.). Our bouncers conduct pocket checks because we want to make sure you can celebrate safely. We reserve the right not to allow the entry for highly intoxicated persons, whether it’s from alcohol or drugs. You can find more information in our park rules.

How can I pay at the party?

You will need cash to pay.

Can I bring my own drinks and food?

Bringing your own drinks and meals is not allowed. At the parties we offer a lot of different drinks and food. There will be something for everyone. You are welcome to celebrate your bachelor party at our party. But please note that the sale of beverages and food is not permitted in this context either.

Is there something to eat?

At the quindi you have the possibility to eat à la carte before the party until 20.30. During our parties, the quindi offers special snacks for hungry party guests.

Can I reserve a table?

Table reservations are not possible for the parties. You can book a table for yourself and your friends in the nearby quindi.

How long can I party?

We usually celebrate and dance until the early morning hours, until about 3.00.

Are party photos taken?

Our resident photographer will roam the party and catch the most beautiful party moments on camera. This means that sound and image recordings may be produced at the events, which may subsequently be used for further advertising purposes (social media channels). With the purchase of the ticket you agree that these recordings may be published.

Where can I find the party photos?

You will find the memories of the beautiful evening on our SENSAPOLIS Events Facebook page under this link.

When do the party photos go online?

In order to offer you the beautiful memories of the evening as quickly as possible, we usually make the pictures available on the day after the party on our Facebook page. If you subscribe to our events page, you will automatically receive an alert as soon as the pictures have been put online.

What can I do if I have forgotten or lost something at SENSAPOLIS?

This is annoying, of course. It is best to stop by or give us a call (+49 7031 204853-0), because if something is was found, we keep it here for six months.